The ocean. It makes up 70% of the planet. It’s almost everything. Now when man ponders his position on earth, is a good time for him to turn to where he came from: the ocean. On the ocean, especially on a boat, man is nothing. He rediscovers himself. He rediscovers the world, or at the very least 70% of it. The MaréMotrice association aims to promote a dialogue between the ocean and mankind. Below we present the ways in which it seeks to achieve this goal. MaréMotrice is made up of three branches:


One : sociodeducational projects. Through sailing, the association offers a vision of learning via action and responsiblity to people coming from institutions. This is navigational training in the technical sense, but more importantly in the social sense. On a boat, in the middle of the ocean, a group of people must live in close quarters and thus develop a sense of solidarity and adaptation. Each individual devotes his/her energy towards one common goal: to keep the boat moving. → more

Two : residence for artists. MaréMotrice gathers groups of artists and brings them to places that are only accessible by boat. Each expedition produces an exhibition and/or publication organized by the association. The goal of these projects is to document, using a creative eye, this changing marine environment, and to discuss it. → more

Three : sea training

You don’t learn to sail by following orders, but by receiving and taking resonbilities. The Knut, a quick, solid open 50, is the perfect support for learning to navigate. Her skipper works with the humility of a man facing the sea. MaréMotrice is working closely with J2000, a Swiss association which aims to train young men and women in the art of sailing. → more